Men’s Fashion Suits Guide – 5 Types of Summer Suits

Men's Fashion Suits Guide - 5 Types of Summer Suits

To dress coolly in the summer, avoid wearing a blazer or a tuxedo. Instead, opt for a loose-cut, relaxed-fit suit. For best results, opt for pastel hues, which look good on tanned skin. The right textile also helps to keep you cool. Tight-woven materials restrict air flow, so choose lightweight fabrics.


The most common color combination for a summer suit in Dubai is blue and white. While blue and white are classics and represent 90% of the market, other colors can look equally sharp and catch the attention of onlookers. For example, olive green can work well with a white or black dress shirt, no tie, and brown dress shoes. Consider a double-breasted seersucker suit with a matching vest if you want a more eccentric look.


For summer weddings, linen suits make a smart choice. They are comfortable, but they’re also a great option for the outdoors. Linen suits have an air of casualness that makes them perfect for weddings held in the warmer months. A few simple style tips will ensure you have a perfect suit for your big day. Read on for more details. Here are some tips to make sure you look and feel your best:


If you want to invest in a new summer suit, a birdseye is one option. Birdseye suits are made from unique weave patterns that resemble tiny dots. They are solid from a distance but appear dimpled and unique when viewed up close. Unlike most suits, birdseye suits are lightweight and breathable and are the perfect summer option for warm climates. Read on for more tips on choosing a birdseye summer suit.


Consider cashmere if you are looking for a suit that will keep you cool during the summer months. This wool is soft, lightweight, and incredibly breathable. A cashmere suit will feel incredible in your hands, so most designers suggest choosing one that contains at least 10% cashmere. These suits are perfect for summer days and can feel cooler than cotton. Since cashmere is so rare and expensive, it should be kept in your closet.


Tweed summer suits are an excellent option for several different occasions. They can be worn to work or house parties and are appropriate for day and nightwear. If you want to make sure that your tweed suit stands out, read on for tips on choosing the right color and style for the occasion.