A Mega Guide to Drone Aerial Photography

A Mega Guide to Drone Aerial Photography

If you’re new to aerial drone photography, you may wonder how to start shooting. This mega guide will cover topics such as a Pre-flight checklist, choosing a drone with a built-in camera, choosing a lens, and getting started with aerial photography. This will help you achieve the aesthetics you want while flying your drone. After reading this mega guide, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect on your next shoot.

Conduct a pre-flight checklist for drone aerial photography:

To be safe, you should conduct a pre-flight check before taking your drone up into the sky. It would help if you always kept your drone in the proper condition. Do not leave the battery in your drone when not in use. An accidental turn-on of the battery can cause strain on the gimbal motor and pose a fire hazard. Before you begin the pre-flight checklist, ensure that all of your drone’s parts are secure. Lastly, you should ensure that you have the gimbal cover securely attached to the drone. It would help if you also had your drone powered up and connected to a mobile device as a remote controller.

Make sure to check the weather forecast:

Aside from the safety of the aircraft, the weather also affects drone operations. If you have to fly in bad weather, you may need to consider a different date. However, before you make any plans, check the weather forecast again. This will help you avoid any areas with heavy traffic and avoid dangerous weather conditions. Aside from determining weather conditions, it would help if you also looked into local elevation. Identifying elevation fluctuations is important for your drone aerial photography pre-flight checklist. Knowing how to maintain the right attitude will ensure flying safely.

Choosing a drone with a built-in camera:

When deciding which drone to purchase, it is important to consider the camera quality and the transmitter’s capability. Many drones feature a live feed that can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone. If you want to take aerial photos, you should choose a drone with a built-in camera that provides this capability. Choosing a drone with this capability can add considerable cost to the drone.

Choosing a lens for drone aerial photography:

There are several considerations when choosing a lens for drone aerial photography. For example, choosing a wide-angle lens can lead to distorted photos, but a longer-focal-length lens is much easier to stitch together in post-production—another important consideration in the field of view. If you’re aiming to take panoramic aerial shots, a zoom lens is ideal.